The new casual dating app Tinder has been all over the news lately, so I wanted to find out for myself what all the rage was all about. So, I downloaded the app and loaded it up. It’s like the Twitter of dating. You have characters or less to tell possible dates what you’re all about. That really isn’t an easy thing to do. How can people give an interesting description of themselves that briefly? So, anyway I set up my profile and got started.

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How much does the emissions test cost? There is no charge for a vehicle emissions test in Indiana. Where do I take my vehicle for testing? How do I know if the used vehicle I purchased requires testing? A vehicle must receive a passing emissions test and provide proof to the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles in order to register and license the vehicle. We advise shoppers in the market for a used vehicle to call the toll-free Clean Air Car Check hotline to check the emissions status of a vehicle before purchasing it.

Detecting Process Exit From Console Application in C A console application is essentially a windows application but with a message loop. All processes on Windows are Win32 processes. U forgot about Win32 services in your Win32 application list above. I suspect the above handler will not be called when it gets an ExitProcess Left by Matt on Oct 01, 5: Detecting Process Exit From Console Application in C True that a console application is just a win32 app but with the fact that it doesn’t have a message loop.

Seem that hooking into SetConsoleCtrlHandler is one of a few ways to monitor such event. Read more from http: I have an console application that need to do some clean up before it terminates. Could I use this or do I have to rewrite it as a windows application? Left by Tony on Oct 15, 4: Kill will internally call native method called TerminateProcess which is a harsh way to terminate the process.

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Choose a language and then press “Submit” How to reset a router to factory defaults Hitron Note: If you cannot fix the problem after you follow these instructions, maybe we can help. Get help from RouterCheck Support. However, sometimes, when you have no other way to access your router, this step is necessary. In particular, if you cannot log in to your router normally perhaps because you forgot the password , this may be your only recourse.

Consider this a partial answer because I do not have intimate knowledge of the workings of serial ports, and my tests could not produce anything useful. Posting here regardless in the hopes any of this is helpful. Sadly, as I am not intimately familiar with the workings of serial ports, I cannot give you a full and proper explanation. However, from some research , one of the answers posted in that forum had this to say: There’s no event by the system to inform you of [a disconnection event] because that would require exclusive use of the COM port.

If you have a SerialPort object created and have opened a port you should get a CDChanged when a devices is plugged in and unplugged from the serial port. That assumes the device follows the pins standards; not all devices do. Note that the poster, and the link I’ve provided, are discussing this within the context of C. However this seems to be related to how the ports work in general, regardless of language, so I am somewhat confident the same can be applied to RXTX Java.

How do i transfer data from my accu-check glucose meter to my computer?

Developed by Simon Tatham, who released the first version in , PuTTY has been upgraded a number of times over the years to add new features and fix bugs. PuTTY also enables you to connect to a device attached to the serial port on the computer, sending typed commands to the serial device and displaying the reply. This is useful for debugging networking hardware equipped with serial ports, or connecting to microcontrollers and other electronics devices.

The serial port was used to connect peripherals before the development of USB.

Driver software on the computer collects the data and makes it available to applications like Windmill Logger or Microsoft Excel. Windmill offers the COMIML universal serial driver , available from our Data Acquisition Catalogue with free technical support for life and a money-back guarantee if not satisfied. We also offer free software for simpler serial logging applications: The converters are simple to use but sometimes need careful setting up if they are to work properly.

Here are some tips on using a USB-to-Serial converter. If you don’t have any driver software then check with the manufacturer.

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Turn your online content into a blog that seamlessly integrates with AdSense. If you are not of age, you may have a parent or guardian submit an application on your behalf. Your Google account is missing your date of birth.

Thinner This Year Thinner This Year With countless diets telling Americans to cut out this and eat that and fitness plans touting that you only have to work out three days a week for 20 minutes a day, one would think that we should be a nation of svelte people. But two-thirds of adults in the U. Many people are lugging around an extra pounds, which doesn’t sound so bad. After all, a lot of people carry a little extra padding around the middle, right?

Excess fat can lead to serious health issues and illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and more. OZ and many other local media sources: Chris Crowley and Dr. Sacheck teamed up to give you the candid truth about the journey. It’s not going to be easy, but for those who follow the program and make key lifestyle changes, the book guarantees that they will feel amazing, live longer, and live better.

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Pads and Shoes Brake pads work with disc brakes while brake shoes work with drum brakes, but both serve the function of pressing against a moving surface to slow your car. Brake Check carries a wide variety of high quality pads and shoes for all makes and models of car. We can tell you which you need and when to change them to keep your brakes working at their peak performance.

You can access Yahoo mail using a: Firefox browser Desktop email client e. See — Changing Your Yahoo Email Address — Accessing Yahoo Mail Although Yahoo mail is normally accessed via a web browser it can also be accessed from mobile devices, and traditional desktop clients like Windows Live mail, Outlook etc. If you forget your password Yahoo have made it easy to reset it.

See Resetting Your Yahoo Password. Yahoo like most email providers will allow you to access your email using all of the above client types.

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