It certainly got everyone talking, and we were not an exception. There was so much to talk about after this episode, we figured five heads were better than one. Echo House was a controversial episode that seems to have divided the fandom. Leaving the issues aside for a moment, what did you think about the episode overall? Strip away the scenes that I had problems with and you have maybe five minutes of show. It makes it very hard for me to have given this episode much of a chance. I will say that Kira continues to impress me. If I were to pick one moment from this episode that went above and beyond my expectations, it was her showing off her skills.

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A squad of B. MoFo s is tasked with defending the President’s last remaining private spa behind enemy lines. Meanwhile, a young female cartoonist, who secretly has a crush on her and draws her face as her comic’s heroine, starts playing the same video game as a male player to make her fall in love. Unfortunately based on a true story. Comedy pdf format Bad Day in Miami by Michael Donovan Horn After accidentally stealing a car loaded with cocaine, two wily car thieves lead a hilarious chase involving two brutal arms dealers, a crooked D.

Marshal, a poetry-spouting hit man, and a vicious lady kingpin.

Chris Garrett needs your help today! Chris Garrett Does Dragon Con – My name is Chris Garrett and I am an indie writer and comic book creator. I have been traveling and promoting my work for 6 years. I love traveling to Comic Cons and other events to meet new people in hopes they will become fans of my books and co created comic book series.

They say that they get about 40, , people every year but it’s closer to 65, or 70, and every year, it keeps growing. There is so much to see that it can actually short out your brain. When I got back my friends asked me how it was and I actually needed a few days to process all that I had seen and done, heard and tasted, battled and escaped from before I could talk to them about it. There are panels about everything from making your own functional steampunk R2-D2, to meet-and-greets with some of the biggest names in TVs, Movies, Gaming and Books.

There are nightly raves, Firefly themed shindigs, vampire masquerade balls and a constant stream of Concerts featuring people like I Fight Dragons, One-Eyed Doll and Voltaire We are a small company with a small but loyal fan base who keep showing up no matter how awful the panel was the year before. At the panel we get to meet and hang out with some of our biggest fans, we talk about what is coming up, have a question and answer session, Artix usually shows some movies that he’s made over the weekend and we usually have a Kick-The-Twilly contest.

A few people even stepped in front of our friendly paladin to protect him from the DoomKnight.

67 Awesome Halloween Costume Ideas

Despite the general positive critical reception, New Nightmare ended up being the lowest grossing entry of the franchise. John Di Maggio Wiki She finds it strange and pleasurable at the same time. Did I make any changes in the screenplay? Filthiest Show in Towndir. X backs away, the camera zooms in on the X. We saw the DVD — click the linked title above to read our full review — and were not amused, saying among other things, “Indeed, it is one of those films you never want to pop in your DVD player, for life is much too short to be wasted on a piece of shit like Mind Ripper.

MOD NOTE. Jul. 23rd, at PM; I’m glad there is a place to hook people up for the Con especially for those of us still looking! Link | Reply | Thread. I have seen quite a few offers/requests on dragoncon though (plus that community has more readers, so you would probably have a .

I am not looking to advertise for a hook up. If I find someone down there to play with, that will be great but I dont want to try and schedule a date. I am going to be busy working. All I would like to know is how many of us are going to be attending. I know that people that enjoy one type of out of the norm activities usually enjoy others. So if you are willing to express your inner freak, and you also going to express your inner geek?

I will be actually, I am already here – I just saw this post on Saturday night attending DragonCon – this is my fourth year. I know you are not looking for single males, and I am not asking for a hookup, but I would be interested in meeting you and chatting and maybe learning a bit more about this lifestyle. I am in a professional position and, as you do, must exercise great discretion – of course, DragonCon is a great place to let my hair down well I would love to hear from you!

Well we were supposed to be up there this weekend, but alas real life conspired against us.

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We aren’t hideous but by the throw away name implies we are both chubby. Some how amidst all the booze and bad decisions we haven’t found anyone to join us yet. Whats some good advice for meeting a third girl for con?

The real purpose used to be getting hammered for a few days straight and finding somebody to hook up with for freaky con sex. Nowadays a lot of the congoers .

Breaking Glass Pictures While the premise of Kept Boy is interesting and the cast does a great job, there were times I felt it could have been a lot better. The opinions are my own. Matters are made worse when Farleigh shows interest in a young interior designer named Jasper Greg Audino. Dennis and Jasper immediately butt heads and there are some nice comedic moments where Dennis starts acting out because he thinks Farleigh will soon be replacing him. Kept Boy is based on a book of the same name by Robert Rodi.

It gives us a glimpse into the life of individuals who hook up with older wealthier people to find stability. We have Lonnie John-Michael Carlton who lives with an older woman, and Paulette Toni Romano-Cohen who is trying to maintain a relationship with an older man. The scenes that Dennis shares with his friends are one of the best in the film and I would have liked to see more.

He spent the entirety of the film trying to win Farleigh back and nothing worked. Also, the unraveling of the mystery surrounding Jasper and how the characters connected felt a bit too convenient.

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Art by Dick Giordano. Shiva’s first introduced as an antagonist to martial artist Richard Dragon , believing him to be a spy responsible for the murder of her sister, Carolyn. In reality, Carolyn’s murder was orchestrated by Guano Cravat, a corrupt businessman whose criminal ambitions had been foiled by Dragon. Cravat convinced Woosan that Dragon killed Carolyn, deliberately pitting her against Dragon in an act of revenge.

In order to avenge her sister, Woosan becomes a master combatant.

Sep 01,  · Dragon Con Night at Georgia Aquarium. Dragon Con Badge Lanyards are NOT accepted for Admission Saturday, September 1, – PM Official Costume Contest at pm Sharp GENERAL ADMISSION: $ (SOLD OUT) – Includes Aquarium Admission and Limited Edition Dragon Con Collectable Pin to the first 1, guests at entry.

Flanking the fireplace were two tube sconces. Finding an appropriate vintage pair was proving to be too expensive, so I decided to make them. Turning the End Caps I turned the top and bottom caps out of poplar on my lathe. I bought some plastic mailing tubes for the lamp shades. Glass tubes were pricey and difficult to find in the right size. I measured their inner and outer diameter and turned the end caps so the tubes would slide onto them snugly.

Cutting lamp parts for the arms I needed some curved metal arms to hold the end caps, and they needed to be hollow so I could feed the wires through. I had some spare chandelier arms in my bin of lamp parts which I cut to size. It was a lot easier than attempting to bend a metal tube without kinking it. Unpainted assembly Above is all the pieces mostly assembled.

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Is there some bias coming from me as an Atlanta resident? Dragon Con differentiates itself from other cons, like San Diego and New York, by having a bias towards fantasy and sci-fi. What really makes Dragon Con yes, they ditched the asterisk because they bought the bad guy out so unique though is that it is truly a con for fans and people who perhaps — though not necessarily — identify largely as misfits.

Apr 07,  · There was a memorable scene at DragonCon that year when she confronted us and some dramatic email exchanges. We’re all cool now and he and I are still friends – but I don’t date Yelpers anymore:) How about the yelp drama hook up. Report as inappropriate. 4/5/ Juan M. Arcadia, CA; 30 friends reviews Never. Thank god.

Jovana Grbic 2 Comments Greetings from hot, humid, Atlanta! And also, that lines are a lot more bearable in the mornings after the coffee. While she and Michael Hogan debated whether or not to immediately open with questions, she told a story about Michael Hogan having done stand up at the Polaris convention: The first question went to Mary McDonnell, regarding how it felt to get married twice, and both times when she was dead. She said, that early in the filming she had to find an agreement within herself that Laura was going to take her mistakes to her grave.

And that as far as that went, she was glad that Ronald D. Moore had been able to give her peace. The next question was whether or not Laura and Bill had ever finished Searider Falcon. Mary McDonnell said the answer depended on what the audience thought they had done off camera. Then, she decided that Edward James Olmos might better be able to answer that question.

So, she pulled her bag from under the table, and called him from her cell phone. Both Mary McDonnell and Michael Hogan were then asked about whether they were inspired by real life political leaders. Michael Hogan, mentioned of course, John McCain. She said that there was really something freeing about the less taxing comedic roles, and that she would enjoy doing that again.

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After performing worldwide onstage, directing commercially, and following the film festival circuit with his stop-motion animated films, Voltaire will now direct a film based on his own comic work. There’s scantily clad girls. His plans for this film are to give his fans all of their favorite aspects of his work: When the reanimated skeletons of Necronus, a cemetery planet across the dark expanse of space, decide they need Earth paved into a landing strip, they send possibly the worst of their agents to undertake the task.

Arrogant, pompous, and not the brightest laser in the arsenal, Heironymous Poshe takes on human form and travels to Earth aboard his Black Spire, a spaceship that could easily pass for a giant black cathedral.

Mark TWD Zombie Teems, Powder Springs, GA. 36K likes. I was blessed with the opportunity to appear as a “featured zombie” in The Walking Dead. I was in.

I was able to print a lot of cool things while I was there, including both Daft Punk helmets Guy and Thomas. My friend Alex, a true Solidworks guru, took about a month of his spare time to model each helmet flawlessly. After it was printed, we both got very busy and Thomas started collecting dust on a shelf. These are pictures of the prints a few days after they came out of the machine.

These parts are extremely strong and light, as the Fortus printed in polycarbonate material. However, as with all FDM prints, there is a heavy ridged texture on the parts that must be filled, sanded, and polished smooth. Years later, when I realized I would never have more time to work on it, I gave the printed parts to another friend Shaggy to finish. For my last LED project Mau5head 2.

It was a 6-month long project. Maybe some day I will write up a post about it. This was the missing link I needed to make a really awesome display for Thomas.

Tom Mison @ Dragon Con 2016 [dragoncontv]