I have tried to make this history as complete as possible, without going into too much detail about the individual models, also, I have organized it more by model, than by chronological order, so the years may skip around some. And now for a little actually, a lot of Jeep history and trivia: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth…and it was good. In Karl Probst created the Jeep, and it rocked! This is the story of how the legendary Jeep came to be…and how it has come to be what it is today… By the US military needed a new, universal vehicle to replace the motorcycle and its other vehicles such as the modified Ford Model-T , so they invited different car companies to compete for a contract to build a new vehicle for the military. The vehicle had to meet certain specs, such as a payload capacity of lbs, a wheelbase under 75 inches, a fold-down windshield, a gross vehicle weight of under lbs, and it must be four-wheel drive. Only three companies entered, Bantam, Willy-Overland, and Ford. Many believe, as I do, that the Jeep won the war for the Allies. In Ford built a limited number of amphibious Jeeps, known as the Seep.

How Much Does a Jeep Weigh?

Writing[ edit ] As the series progressed, it made a significant shift from being primarily a comedy with dramatic undertones to a drama with comedic undertones. This resulted in Farrell and Morgan having only a single season reading scripts featuring Gelbart’s masterful comic timing, which defined the feel and rhythm of Seasons 1—4 featuring predecessors Rogers and Stevenson, respectively.

The end of the Vietnam War in was a significant factor as to why storylines become less political in nature and more character driven.

CJ2A – CJ3A Type WILLYS stamped sides as shown at right: There is an additional $ UPS oversize surcharge that is added to our normal 10% shipping charge.

Toyota 1 Ton Trucks Finding Out the Weight of Your Jeep Since Jeep models change from year to year, the best source for information about your vehicle is the driver’s side door sill. Here, you’ll find a compliance certifications label with the gross vehicle weight, gross vehicle weight rating, gross combination weight, and gross combination weight rating for your specific make and model of Jeep. You can also check with the dealership to find this information. Alternatively, if you want to know the weight of your Jeep including cargo, you may want to take it to a truck stop to use the scales there.

Since many people use Jeeps to haul boats, recreational vehicles, and other trailers, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re keeping the load below the gross combination weight rating. How Much Does a Jeep Weigh? Although most online weight charts are not the best source of information about Jeep weights, they can be helpful when you’re comparing makes and models.

Jeep Replacement Gauges

Dear Fellow Members, I hesitate to do this my hard drive is only 1gb , but I’m going to solicit advice from the collected Willys “brain trust” on this site. I finally got my 58 cj3b purchased three months ago home this past weekend. I know, I know I should be disbarred from the Willys club for waiting so long, but its a long story so don’t ask. The body is solid and straight, no cancer, very little surface rust and even has a solid tool box.

Axle Advice Rear Axle Breaks at Speed. Here’s an occurrence I hear about from time to time, and it’s the kind of failure that is hard to predict, but worth trying to anticipate, in .

Pete- when you get into the “introduce” forum you’ll see previous threads listed. To the upper right find the “create thread” button and start a new thread with a different title nobody will find you under Alan’s? Thanks Mar 13, Bit of a dud compared to what they were saying. Still got 12″ here, it was like cement Mar 15, I do not seem to be able to post a picture in this Forum Mar 16, 6: Kirkski, photos need to be hosted on a photo site, like Snapfish, photobucket etc. Then you just hit the “insert photo” from the top of the post box, and paste the URL into your post.

Mar 16, 8: Apr 6,

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Authored by Staff Writer. The vehicle was produced in the hundreds of thousands and proved one of the most multi-faceted and reliable platforms of the war. The vehicle was utilized wherever it was needed and along multiple fronts across varying climates. The system proved utterly popular all over the world and post-war usage was strong making it one of the most successful military vehicles ever produced.

Many American allies procured the series and many are still in circulation today in private hands.

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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan.

But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change?

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Hey Group, Took my truck down the road aways to a VW rest o place to see if I could get my hands on a Blaupunkt 6 volt radio. The female laughed at me, which takes a certain amount of guts conside ring I am 6′ 2″ lbs. She says that every 6 volt Bug she could ever re member seeing did not have a radio at all. Her mechanic did recommend rad io shack for a voltage booster.

This way, I could run a modern 12 volt radio off my 6 volt system.

I believe i have an early CJ3A from the information i gathered on this website. The jeep has a model 41 axel however the prior owner registered as a 47 Vin Tag on the firewall.

He says “this car was used for dignitaries, vendor promotions and parades” at the Indianapolis Memorial Weekend race. According to the ad copy it has had two owners and was restored in It comes with a ci V8 , Torqueflite automatic transmission, power steering, power brakes, factory air conditioning and a power top.

The seller says all gauges and operating systems work. Check out the Slide Show ad with detailed photos of the Hemi orange finish. Show More What kind of condition do you think this Olds 98 is in? Think you can spot all the things that would affect the price in the photo alone? You can see the results of our thorough inspection in the sample report here! The inspector made some insightful comments and made sure the buyer knew everything they needed to know before putting serious money on the line.

Now you can have any collector car inspected or appraised through the Cars-On-Line. We have a network of knowledgeable inspectors throughout the United States and Canada who will be sure you get an unbiased review of the car you’re about to buy. Get the details here! This is the Holy Grail for Model A collectors. Finished in Chicle and Copra Drab, this A has been featured in many books and magazine articles.

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Serial Tag # Frame Tag # Dash Plate # Body Tag # Tub ACM # Tailgate ACM Begins at same as above same as above Begins at 1 ( less than S/N, +/- or so) none/maybe same as above approx = to ACM.

The mortgage company would simply exercise its right to terminate the mortgage and demand payment in full. If you couldn’t secure new financing, you’d be in a bit of a pickle. But Wikipedia says I’m full of shit. Originally Posted by TFA Mortgage fraud is a crime in which the intent is to materially misrepresent or omit information on a mortgage loan application in order to obtain a loan or to obtain a larger loan than could have been obtained had the lender or borrower known the truth.

Originally Posted by TFA Occupancy fraud This occurs where the borrower wishes to obtain a mortgage to acquire an investment property, but states on the loan application that the borrower will occupy the property as the primary residence or as a second home. If undetected, the borrower typically obtains a lower interest rate than was warranted.


And what better place than Knysna to have a showroom displaying beautiful vintage, veteran, classic and sports cars! Nestled in the heart of the famous Garden Route, Knysna is kms. It is a highly sought-after tourist and residential destination with ample natural beauty to complement the fine array of vehicles on offer.

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Work included a rebuild of the 3. The car is finished in Rosso Amaranto over Pigskin vinyl and underwent a refurbishment from Power is from a rebuilt 1, cc inline-four mated to a 5-speed manual transmission with a lightened gearset. The car was sold new in Vancouver and imported to California when the seller purchased it 20 years ago. Work performed since included a new timing belt, water pump, valve-cover gasket, front crankshaft seal, and Michelin tires.

Power is provided by a twin-turbo 3. Power is from a ci V8, which is paired with a 4-speed manual and a 3. It Other equipment includes rear sport slats, a black Rhino vinyl interior, bucket seats, tachometer, and a Hurst shifter.

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Power is from a 1. The car is sold with stock wheels, records, a certificate of authenticity, and literature. The car is finished in Rosso Amaranto over Pigskin vinyl and underwent a refurbishment from

Dating a CJ-3B by Interior Details. The CJ-3B was produced almost unchanged by Willys Motors and Kaiser Jeep for nearly fifteen years. But in cases where the original serial number is lost, or someone is trying to determine if a part is correct for a particular Jeep, there are some clues to determine at least the approximate year of production.

The Warn Hub dash decals used during the mid to late ‘s: The M-series Warn hubs are distinguishable by the presence of a small raised boss in the upper finger groove with the model number stamped into it. The start of the M-series model numbering was evidently tied to the use of Warn’s hubs by International Harvester as optional OEM factory-installed equipment. This may have occurred as early as , with the introduction of the IH Scout 80 in the model year.

From an IH Scout forum: Warn’s locking hubs caught their attention, and IH included the M1 on their option list making IH Warn’s first OEM sale, and in the process started Warn’s use of model number designations. A Model M1, IH marked hub: Before being replaced by the next manual locking hub model Warn introduced, the “Spring-Lock”, the older-format spline 3-ring Model WL-2 hub was re-designated as Model M2.

Like the WL-2 hubs, the M2’s were evidently also sold only through Jeep dealerships throughout Kaiser’s ownership. Warn M2 hubs, a. As the remaining logo on the box indicates, this particular hub was made prior to the change from “Approved Jeep Equipment” to “Special Jeep Equipment”, so was likely manufactured sometime before or during The M3 hubs were likewise manufactured in the latter part of the s and into at least the s. Based on the “Special Jeep Equipment” logo on the box, this one was manufactured during the late s:

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