The latter found his way to General Hospital after sustaining injuries from his fight with Sonny Maurice Benard. Sonny, on the other hand, will not be having the best of days. Following his fight against Garvey, he will find himself at the bottom of a pit with no one to help him. To make matters worse, Garvey will cover the pit with a tarp in order to keep anyone from finding him. Michael Chad Duell will get increasingly worried about Sonny, especially after he fails to answer his calls. He will turn to Finn Michael Easton for answers, and he is informed that Sam may have toxoplasmosis encephalitis. Finn and Griffin will arrive in time to treat Sam, but that does not mean she will be all better by the next episode. In fact, they may have to share bad news.

Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright)

She is the daughter of mob boss, Sonny Corinthos and attorney, Alexis Davis. She was conceived during a one night stand when Alexis was working for Sonny. She was born onscreen on November 19, Actress Kali Rodriguez portrayed the character as a child from When aged in , the character, portrayed by actress Lexi Ainsworth , emerges as a misbehaving girl, unbeknownst to her parents. She was aged again in , and returned, being portrayed by actress Lindsey Morgan , with a grudge against her parents for how she got into Yale.

Apr 15,  · Shortly after that, Sonny and Carly started dating, eventually married, and Sonny adopted Michael and became his legal father!! A.J. is dead now by the way. reggie!! · 1 decade agoStatus: Resolved.

While in High School Josslyn loved to party and she often hung out with her niece who is the same age as her, Briana Corinthos whenever her parents would always fight. Josslyn was seen to be self centered and bossy and spoiled due to her parents amount of money. Josslyn sometimes mistreats people which is one of the reasons Briana finally broke off their friendship, other then the fact that Briana and Noah Drake started dating no to soon after Josslyn broke up with him due to his heroin addiction.

Through out the series, unlike most people who’s personalities develop and go through stuff and mature, Josslyn never did and remained spoiled and immature even to her last appearance where she tried to sabotage Briana’s validictorian speech, although she did try to make amends with Briana but their friendship was never repared due to Briana not trusting her. Contents [ show ] Early Life In April , Kelly Lee told Carly she was pregnant and that it was a very high-risk pregnancy; Carly needed to avoid stress.

The baby was due in November. On October 6, after dreaming about her grown daughter, Carly announced to the family that the baby will be named Josslyn John Jacks.

Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell)

She was born October 31, At the time of her birth, it was unsure if Sonny or his son Morgan was the father. Ava had been dating Morgan but had a one night stand with Sonny. Ava learned that she was pregnant a few months later. Ava revealed she was pregnant on the day that Sonny was going to her because she had murdered his girlfriend Constanza “Connie” Falconeri.

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Emmy Award-winning Actor Maurice Benard brings his own deeply personal experiences to the portrayal of Sonny by adding color, menace and seduction to an already intricate character. He first appeared in the role on August 13, He briefly left the show for a year-long hiatus in December He was also nominated in , , , and Benard’s multi-cultural upbringing began in San Francisco, where he was born to parents from Nicaragua and San Salvador.

Uninspired by the traditional education route, he gleaned an education in the open job market after high school. His dark good looks and intense gaze brought him modeling jobs in his early 20s. Following that, he took up acting in numerous theatrical productions in the Bay area. Two years later he struck out to find new challenges and moved to Los Angeles, where he was soon cast as the lead in the much-publicized TV movie, “Lucy and Desi: Benard has been a popular voice in the battle against bipolar disorder.

He has been very open about his personal battle with the illness, appearing on television programs such as “The View” and “Entertainment Tonight,” and has also been featured in People and LA Life Magazines.

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Robert Scorpio Super Spy click to play it. Question by author debokeystuff. Sean Donnelly was their boss, and the Swede was another member of their team. Zander Smith click to play it. Question by author IrishAngel Carly Zander actually taught Carly how to drive.

Sonny and Carly may fight each other to the nail but they seem to always find each other “doin’ it’ in the end. The commercial showed Sonny telling Carly that Jax never has to know. Well, he will eventually once DNA test of Carly’s baby shows Sonny is the Daddy.

Robert Scorpio Super Spy click to play it. Question by author debokeystuff. He got together with Tiffany on the island during the Ice Princess caper. He married Holly in and later reunited off and on with Anna Devane, his ex-wife and mother of his daughter, Robin. Sweet Georgie click to play it. Question by author IrishAngel She was the product of celebratory sex. Before her death Georgie had never seen her father. Zander Smith click to play it.

Avery Corinthos

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This past spring, General Hospital gave Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Lexi Ainsworth) a same-sex storyline as she fell for her professor, Parker Forsythe (Ashley Jones), and attempted to seduce her in order to pass the class. Parker, a married lesbian, turned Kristina into the university, but made it.

Identical brother of Bernie. The financier for Corinthos and Morgan. Identical brother of Benny. Rachel Adair deceased Amy Grabow, Pediatrician. Worked with lover A. Quartermaine to frame Courtney Matthews for A.

Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Lexi Ainsworth)

Nancy Lee Grahn originated the role in Natasha is taken in the the Cassadines and renamed Alexis. Meanwhile, her infant sister suddenly disappears and Natasha believes she is dead. Over the years, Natasha develops partial amnesia and forgets her true identity. Alexis grows up under the protection of her “cousin”, Stefan who she becomes very loyal to. While attending a boarding school in New Hampshire, a 16 year old Alexis gives birth to a baby girl and Mikkos forces her to give up the baby.

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco) and his former THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL wife Ashley Jones (soon to be returning for a few days as Bridget) have confirmed to .

She was portrayed by Claire Coffee from October 5, to March 3, Nadine shows up at General Hospital in requesting to see her comatose sister Jolene. Damien Spinelli fills her in on Jolene’s nefarious activities at GH. Nadine explains the two decided to become nurses after their father died on the operating table during a routine surgery. Nadine, dressed the same as Lulu, is mistaken for her and captured by Anthony Zacchara.

Anthony threatens to kill her, but Spinelli helps her get away. She is the only one who knows that Nikolas sees Emily’s ghost as an effect of the tumor. Meanwhile, Nadine is drugged and kidnapped by Diego Alcazar but is able to survive. After learning that someone in Port Charles has been messing with the supply of counterfeit prescription drugs, Nadine, Nikolas, Lucky Spencer , and Sam McCall begin to investigate.

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Mikkos’ wife Helena Cassadine slit Kristen’s throat in front of young Alexis, who develops partial amnesia and forgets her true identity. Alexis is taken into Mikkos’ house to be raised as a poor relative with the last name Davidovitch, while her infant sister disappears. Helena and her half-brother Stavros Cassadine torment her, but her other half-brother Stefan Cassadine who believes that she is indeed his cousin protects her, gaining her loyalty.

As a teenager, Alexis becomes pregnant, but her father Mikkos Cassadine takes the baby, who grows up to be Sam McCall , and gave her up for adoption. Davis graduated from Yale University. Arrival in Port Charles Edit Stefan, who has instructed Alexis to change her name to Davis, brings her to Port Charles to aid in the legal side of his vendetta against Luke Spencer , the husband of his former lover Laura Spencer.

May 15,  · General Hospital Full episode General Hospital Full episode GH 15th May Author: Bob Klod on Sonny or the none thinking doctor she is dating. Reply Delete. Replies. Anonymous May 15, Author: General Hospital (full episodes).

This is so far off from what their history and what they mean to each other is all about. Immediately, Sam should’ve known, acknowledged who Jason was and jumped into Jason’s arms when he came to see her in the hospital. She should’ve right away recognized Drew was a person she didn’t know and cling to Jason until they found out what was going on, for all anyone knew, Drew could’ve been a Helena plant but instead she chose a complete stranger over Jason, HUH??? That makes absolutely no sense.

This entire time she’s been with this guy Drew thinking he was Jason. All the love she was feeling for this man Drew was the love she has for Jason. All the memories she has and the man she wants to spend her life with is Jason, always have been, not Drew. Therefore, her love, loyalty, commitment, and life is all about and for Jason not Drew. All she knows is Jason. So I don’t understand how you go from completely and totally being in love with Jason and as soon as he shows up, all of sudden that doesn’t matter anymore and now the new love of her life is a man she doesn’t know.

Heck, he Drew doesn’t even know him self!

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Alexis explained that her visit was urgent, as Olivia’s brother Julian had been targeted and beaten while in prison. Nora didn’t see where she might be able to help, but Alexis thought that Olivia might. Alexis suggested that if Olivia informed the authorities that she had threatened Julian and his family into doing what he’d done, it could help Julian.

Nora quickly turned down Alexis’ request. That would cause Olivia to be reevaluated, which would result in her being called competent to stand trial, which would then lead to Olivia’s conviction. Alexis asked if she might speak to her instead, but Nora didn’t think that Olivia needed another attorney.

General Hospital (GH) spoilers reveal that Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) will have his heart broken this week when Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) tells him Sonny has been convinced that he could talk Carly into sticking with him, but he couldn’t.

There is a lot happening right now that no one seems to feel is all right, but we think there is a good chance we can see this all start to come out in the near future. Maxie is the one who is here for her in this moment to warn her of what his happening and how this is all going down. All we know is that this man will do anything and everything he can do to find this child for his wife.

He wants to keep her, and that means keeping her happy and making sure that they are able to get their situation under control. Will this all work out for them? This is a show that loves to celebrate anniversaries, and it turns out that Oscar himself is celebrating his anniversary with the show. But we also know that they have different ideas of what makes a successful career, and hers might suffer just a bit if she puts him back into her life where she wants him in the long run.

But there is not much else that he can do otherwise, though that will not stop him from asking her for favors. We might just see him go to her this week and ask her to handle something. And then there is Sonny. He wants answers about all that is happening in his own life, and he will not stop until he gets them.

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