Please update your billing information in My WorthPoint to reactivate your account! No comments This hand-made screw has obvious signs of its origin. Note the flat spot on the shaft near the head. That is a remnant of the square nail stock. The thread varies is depth and pitch all over the shaft and the shaft has no point. The head is not quite round and the hand cut slot is off center—all signs of hand work.

Burr Walnut Queen Anne Double Bed

Located at the far end of the hall on the main floor. A lovely marble-topped antique dresser accompanies the decorative black iron queen size bed. Located upstairs overlooking Main Street, this room can be rented by itself, or with the adjoining Room 9. Each room has a bathroom of its own. This room is delightful for a romantic getaway. For a family retreat, you can also rent the adjoining room with 2 twin beds for the kids.

Arizona Iron Patio Furniture offers a plethora of options to add that final touch to your own personal outdoor retreat. All of our furniture is super durable, long lasting, and very comfortable.

How to Date Furniture by Casters By Ann Johnson ; Updated April 12, Furniture casters are viewed as a convenience that helps us move furniture so we can vacuum or rearrange the room. Yet, casters sometimes had more to do with lighting than housekeeping or design. Casters were fit on the legs of desks to allow the desk to be moved around the room to capture the changing sunlight throughout the day.

Another use for casters is to estimate the date of the furniture. Look to see if the caster is a leathern bowl or roller. This is one of the earliest forms of casters, indicative of furniture made during the Queen Anne period in the early s. Inspect the casters to see if they are made from wood and held in place by iron.

Wrought iron

The Desk is in the original dry red painted surface. The wood is white pine. Maine Paint Decorated Dome Top Box, old worn surface, with mustard and brown painted swirl and grained decoration D49 Early 19th century , Virginia Chesterfield County two board top hepplewhite multi purpossce Table, in the original green painted surface, Circa C 19th century twelve drawer apothecary chest circa with dovetailed case and drawers. B 19th century antique treen butter paddle with a desirable folk art hand painted cabin with man in boat landscape scene in muted colors.

D15 19th century antique treen butter paddle with a desirable folk art hand painted cabin and trees RM Carroll “Wally” Algard , Charlestown, Maryland canvasback from the first quarter of the last century with attentive head Sold! It has a chamfered edge on two sides with hand carved pegs mortised through the backboard.

Furniture Antique & Collectable: Looking for Furniture of all types is listed in this category. Examples dating from the seventeenth century to the s are included. Prices for furniture vary in different parts of the country. Oak furniture is most1.

One of the true delights in using the iron bed is the ability to change the color to match the decor of your room. An iron bed will always blend well with any decor Even the iron baby beds They make lovely loveseats, daybeds, etc. Be sure to coat with a clear marine finish if used outside the home While authentic antique iron beds are the most in demand, metal beds are coming on strong. I am not referring to foreign made cheap material beds, but rather to the through era, which were very sturdy in most cases, and make inexpensive additions to your home.

These beds are given honorable mention only because the fall into the antique or collectible bed class. Be careful if you sandblast metal beds because the thickness of the metal can be cut into easily with sandblasting.

25 Best Romantic Getaways in Georgia

Although their size and high value make them less common possessions, a study of other kinds of old furniture gives a slighter clue to them than to high-boys and sofas. Even the early nineteenth-century bedsteads are rare and valuable, and, if your house is large enough to accommodate them, you may well aspire to own one or two. While there are few, if any, seventeenth-century bedsteads now in existence in this country, it may not be uninteresting to consider for a moment the styles that were made in England during that period, and that were used by the wealthier families in this country.

After the huge built-in beds of earlier days there came into vogue in Europe a movable bed that was, set in the middle of the chamber and was heavily curtained to protect the sleeper from drafts.

Jul 19,  · About Frenchfinds Quality Antique French Furniture sourced directly from France We supply authentic used items, vintage or antiques sourced mainly in France, the majority dating from around years ago. We don’t sell new or reproduction items. • Antique iron and brass beds.

No dust nor germs nor vermin can find lodgement in an iron bed. Instead of celebrating their product’s elegant, sensual designs, warm colors and impressive craftsmanship, early ads for iron beds attacked the wooden competition as being unsanitary and likely to make you sick. While there was a modicum of truth that certain insects might be more attracted to sleeping with you in a wood bed, the contest was really about beauty not bugs.

Should centuries-old advertising or sanitation problems play a part in the purchase of your antique iron bed? But there are a few important details you do need to consider. Iron beds are created as a stylized arrangement of tubes and rods all held together by highly crafted pieces of cast iron known as castings. The abundance and the clarity of design inherent in these castings are the qualities that give the antique iron bed its value, character and weight.

There are 3 serious problems associated with antique iron frames: Original or properly fitting rails will offer a snug, tight feel with little movement of the headboard. Poorly fitted rails will present a severe wobble in the head and footboard that only gets worse when you get into the bed. Any weld marks appearing on the cast iron hitches indicates that, at some point, the hitch failed and cracked.

It also tells you that an amateur welder attempted to repair the problem. Cast iron, however, is very difficult to weld properly, especially when it is in a crucial, stress-point location designed to keep you from falling to the floor. As a rule, A I B does not purchase frames with broken or repaired hitches Rust is an interesting color, but not when it shows up on your nice, expensive off-white bedding.

How to Date Furniture by Casters

Recycled Metal Square Roots takes great pride in understanding oak in all its complexity. By selecting the best quality and most environmentally responsible suppliers they produce an exceptional quality product. The upland Burgundy region of France has cool climatic conditions with forests that produce harder, heavier timbers. This French oak has distinctive grain patterns and a beautiful pale colour.

The French iron beds shown here date back to the s and are the source of this guest bedroom’s accent color, green. Fashioning a number of pillows from classic tea towels, the colors tie.

Typically, the insurance value of an antique item is the highest retail value for that item. In other words, it’s best to insure your antique furniture for the maximum amount of money it would cost to replace that item if it were lost or damaged. Typically, insurance companies an item will require you to get a formal written appraisal from a professional appraiser. This means you will not be able to rely on furniture values from printed guides or online lookup services.

Instead, you’ll need to seek out a certified antiques appraiser in your area. There are several ways to find a certified antiques appraiser: Contact local antique dealers and auctioneers and ask them to recommend an accredited certified appraiser. Often antique appraisers are available or advertise their business, at antique events and shows.

Cathouse Antique Iron Beds

Hand pumps bring to mind thoughts of history and nostalgia and even a little fantasy. As you design your garden, use this important prop to its fullest ability. Pump Placement If the hand pump in your garden came with the property, you won’t be moving it. However, if you’ve purchased a hand pump for purely ornamental reasons, and plan to place it strategically within your garden, an out of the way spot is best. The pump should be visible but not a focal point.

An unusual PAIR of display stands from a florist shop which can be used together or rolled apart to display against a wall. Dating to the ‘s, constructed in wrought iron with industrial wheels and retaining many of the original matt white flower buckets.

We look at the design of various types of furniture and furnishings, the interior architecture , as well as materials and techniques, plus some of the main designers. Menuiserie or Ebenisterie During the 16th century furniture was the province of the menuisier who worked in solid wood. The nearest English equivalent to the term is ‘carpenter and joiner’, but this is not entirely satisfactory.

At this time the technique of inlaying, extremely fashionable in Italy, was in France the province of the menuisier, but when it was replaced by more sophisticated techniques such as veneering and marquetry in the early years of the 17th century, the most skilled menuisiers became known as ebenistes, a term often translated as ‘cabinet-maker’ which again is not strictly accurate.

The menuisier proper continued to be responsible for seat-furniture, table-supports, such furniture as buffets a kind of cupboard and armoires wardrobes of solid wood, the decorative carved panelling for walls boiseries , door-cases and overdoor mouldings, and window-cases and shutters. In this he was assisted by wood-carvers, and by painters, varnishers, and gilders.

Ebenistes were so called from the fact that when ebony ebene was first introduced into France towards the end of the 16th century it was an exceedingly rare and expensive wood used principally for veneers and inlays. Craftsmen who specialized in this work became known as menuisiers en ebene, later shortened to ebenistes, and since veneering was almost invariably done on case-furniture of one kind or another the ebeniste was necessarily also a cabinet-maker.

The term, however, can be applied correctly to any kind of furniture decorated with veneers or marquetry, and with related techniques. The elaborate mounting and applied decoration of metal, which became especially fashionable towards the end of the 17th century, required yet another category of craftsman – the ciseleurs-fondeurs who cast and finished the mounts, and the doreurs who were responsible for gilding.

French furniture of the period under discussion is commonly referred to either as menuiserie or ebenisterie, and these terms will henceforward be used without further explanation, since to translate them would be needlessly confusing.

Ancient furniture

Search 25 Best Romantic Getaways in Georgia Fall is a great time to appreciate Georgia ‘s beautiful nature, visit a historical inn or a cozy bed and breakfast. Spend a night at a famous mansion that inspired the movie set in “Gone with the Wind”, stay in a beautiful Savannah inn near a diverse selection of attractions and restaurants, or escape to the peaceful and romantic Tybee Island , GA. The antebellum home has almost 12, square feet and was built in with meticulous renovations.

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A sad iron (or sadiron) is an alternative name for a flat iron. Here the word “sad” means “solid” and it may suggest a weighty iron with a thick base. Read more about the history of irons and ironing here.

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